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Sixth Grade Science
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Welcome!! My name is Mr. Martin.  I am married and have eight kids at home, four girls and four boys.  I enjoy sports and reading.

I have taught science now for 22 years.  Science is the best subject and I look forward to having you in class and showing you why. 

All assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.  Ask your students for their login and password so that you can keep track of their work.
Class Supply List
-USB Drive (thumb drive)
-lined, loose leaf paper
-ink pens
-ruler with inches and centimeters
-colored pencils
-zipper pouch or pencil box
-empty two liter bottle with lid (please rinse out)
Each student in Pride/Homeroom class will be expected to bring in two boxes of Kleenex so that we will have the supplies necessary to make it through the year.

Donations of reams of white paper would be helpful if it is possible to bring them in.  

State Standards for Science
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