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Welcome to Social Studies on the Explorers Team!
This year is going to be an exciting adventure as we explore the history, civics & government, geography, and economics of the countries in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Russia!

Each day we will use a variety of resources through technology to learn more about the many countries that we cover, along with current events happening in the U.S. and around the world.

You will also have the opportunity to meet and learn from several exchange students from many different countries that I work with as well! Last year my 6th graders Skyped with me live from Rome, Italy in November, and this year you will have the chance to do the same thing while I am in London, UK for five days!

We do many fun activities throughout the year that help you learn about our global community around the world.
International Student Exchange

Learn more about the non-profit program that my high school exchange students come from. I work with with them here in Seymour and the surrounding communities!

Students this year are from:
Thailand, China, Vietnam, Belgium, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela!

Social Studies Daily Agenda

Monday, 10/30

1. Fast Fact

2. CNN 10

3. 4.3 Slides 6/7 and Notes

HW: Practice Quizlet 4.3

Tuesday, 10/31

1. Fast Fact

2. CNN 10

3. 4.3 Slides 8/9 and Video Clips

HW: Practice Quizlet 4.3

Wednesday, 11/01

1. Fast Fact

2. CNN 10

3. 4.3 Revioew Notes

4. 4.3 Section Quiz

HW: Study for 4.3 Vocab Quiz on Thursday!

Thursday, 11/02

1. Fast Fact

2. CNN 10 

3. 4.3 Vocab Quiz

4. Finish 4.3 Section Quiz

HW: England/IRA Article & Questions

Friday, 11/03

1. CNN 10

2. CNN 10 Quiz

3. Fast Fact

4. Country Scavenger Hunt

 HW: None



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