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Welcome to Mrs. McCory's Sixth Grade Language Arts Class!
Welcome to the the 6GC
PARENTS:  Students are required to write their language arts assignments for the week into their agendas each Monday.  It is a part of the Daily 5 folder check held twice per nine weeks.  The following weekly agenda is just a brief summary of the week's work.  It is subject to change and is often updated daily.

  Assignments are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances, but they will always be announced and discussed in class.  While I make every effort to keep my web page updated regularly, it is the students' responsibility to be sure they know what is due in class.  They are strongly encouraged to write assignments in their agendas and bring them to class daily. 
Weekly Agenda
Monday, April 30

 All Classes:

Read The Cay

Per. 2 & 3

* The Cay Vocab. #1 Due Tues.

* Per. 4:  Greek/Latin Roots Les. 14 Vocab.:  TEST

*  IXL Lesson C13-15:  DUE FRI. (All Classes)

Tues., May 1

All Classes:

*  Read The Cay

Per. 2 & 3:

*  The Cay Vocab.:  DUE TODAY

Per. 4: 

* Greek/Latin Roots Les. 15 Vocab.:  DUE THURS. 

Per. 5:

* Wordly Wise Vocab. Les. 15:  DUE THURS.



Wed., May 2

All Classes:   

* Grammar Gremlins #11, 13, 14, 15:  DUE TODAY

* QUIZ over first chapters of The Cay







Thurs., May 3

*  Read The Cay
Per. 4:  
* Greek/Latin Roots Les. 15:  DUE TODAY
Per. 5:
* Wordly Wise Les. 15:  DUE TODAY
Fri., May 4

All Classes: 

* Read The Cay

* IXL Language Arts Les. C13-15:  DUE TODAY

* Per. 4:  Greek/Latin Roots Les. 15 Vocab. TEST

* Per. 5:  Wordly Wise Les. 15 Vocab. TEST




* A 1-1/2 inch three ring binder
* A set of ear buds for your chromebook (one pair MAY be provided)
* A pkg. of five tab dividers
* A two pocket folder (no prongs necessary)
* Pencils (Bring at least two everyday!)
* Paper (Have plenty everyday!)
* A red pen
* A highlighter (any color)
* Two boxes of Kleenex:  If you are in Mrs. McCory's PRIDE class.  :)

Not a necessity, but would be greatly appreciated:
* A bottle of hand sanitizer

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