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Our school has taken a solid stance on ensuring that all teachers provide homework, but that cannot always happen in my class.  When I am working with students on reading strategies, I prefer having students demonstrate those strategies in class. 

However, when there is novel work to be done or a writing project, your son or daughter will have homework in the form of reading (and hopefully practicing his/her strategies) or study guides/worksheets/comprehension guides/outlines/rough drafts/etc.

There will also be homework assigned from the Elements of Language book.  These assignments will be assigned on a class by class basis.  Also, these language assignments will be based on individual/class-wide need.

Please check your son or daughter's agenda for any assigned homework.

Thank you all!

Mr. Culbreth


WEEK OF April 20th-April 24th

Analogies 6 in class

Reading comprehension work



Text-dependent questions and 

discuss reading comprehension questions

Text-dependent questions and

reading comprehension work/review of standardized testing skills

text-dependent questions and standardized testing skills review

Vocabulary Lesson 25

Vocab 25 Quiz