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Monday, August 15

No practice work today.

Tuesday, August 16

Vocabulary Lesson 1 is due this Friday, August 19. Our quiz on Friday will cover each vocabulary word used in context and reading comprehension. Workbook pages 5-6, 9-10, 125-126, 158. Note cards with each vocabulary word, part of speech, and word definition is due with the lesson. Students are to keep their note cards.

Wednesday, August 17

No practice work tonight.

We are having some diagnostic tests in class today.

Thursday, August 18

Greek and Latin Roots lesson 1 will be introduced in class today. Lesson 1 is due next Wednesday, August 24, but students need to begin working on the lesson. Note cards are to be completed for each affix. Students will list the affix, what the affix means, words that use that affix from the lesson and the word's meaning. We will have a quiz Wednesday.

Friday, August 19

We are having Vocabulary Lesson 1 quiz today. Notecards are due. Vocabulary lesson 2 is our new assingment. Lesson 2 is due Friday, September 2. Workbook pages 13-14, 17-18, 127-128, 159.

Monday, August 22

Language ~ Pg. 184-185 Diagnostic Preview 1-20
Write out all sentences and label them as either Simple, Compound, Complex, or Compound-Complex.

Textbook website address:

Tuesday, August 23

Language ~ Pgs. 164-165 Diagnostic Preview 1-25
Write out all sentences and identify each italicized clause as either an independent clause or a subordinate clause.

Don't forget that Greek/Latin Roots Lesson 1 is due tomorrow. Quiz!

Wednesday, August 24

Greek / Latin Roots Lesson 2 was handed out. It is due Wednesday, September 7.

Language: Due Friday
Pg. 166 Ex. 1 Evens
Write out all sentences, underline the italicized portion, and label subject/verb.
Pg. 168 Ex. 2 All
Write out sentence and label it as independent or subordinate clause.
Pg. 168-169 Ex. 3 All
Write all sentences 1 time. Underline subordinate clauses and label subject/verb.

Thursday, August 25

Periods 1, 2, 5

Find and cut out an informational article. Complete the informational article homework handout.

Period 6
The Misfits ~ Finish reading thru page 21 completing all the questions that pertain to today's reading.

Friday, August 26

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, August 29

All Classes Language: Due Wednesday

Ex. 5 Pg. 172 #1-10
Ex. 6 Pg 172-173 #1-10

Period 6 - Finish reading thru pg 63 The Misfits

Tuesday, August 30

Periods 1, 2, 5

"Dealing with Bullies" article. Identify two text features the author uses and explain the purpose of each text feature you have chosen.

Period 6 Make sure all your questions are completed.

Wednesday, August 31

All classes Language: Pg. 175-176 Ex 1-10

Period 6 Finish reading thru pg. 88

Thursday, September 1

All classes Language: Pg. 177-178 Ex. 10 #1-10

Vocabulary Lesson 2 pages are due tomorrow. Quiz!

Period 6 ~ Finish reading thru pg 124.

Friday, September 2

Vocabulary Lesson 3 is due Friday, September 16. Pgs. 13-14; 17-18; 127-127; 159

Tuesday, September 6

All classes:

Due Thursday:Language - Pg. 178 Review A & Sentence Diagramming Handout

Greek & Latin Roots Unit 2 is due tomorrow ~ Quiz

Wednesday, September 7

All Classes: Greek & Latin Roots Unit 2 is due today ~ Quiz

New Unit 3 passed out ~ Due Wednesday, September 21

Thursday, September 8

All Classes:
Language Review A & Sentence Diagramming Handout is due.
New Language ~ Pg. 179-180 Review B
Vocabulary test practice stories due tomorrow.
Silly Stories that were handed out Friday are due tomorrow.

Not assigned due to student's struggling with the language.
Periods 1, 2, 5 Writing Assignment
Period 6 ~ The Misfits 125-142

Friday, September 9
 No new assignments. Work on vocabulary lesson.

Chapter Review Pg. 181-183 will be due Tuesday ~ Get a head start to help your week go much more smoothly!!
Come up with questions about the material that you don't understand and we will look for answers.

Monday, September 12

All Classes ~ Chapter 6 Review Pg - 181-183 #1-40
Chapter 6 test is Wednesday

Writing packet ~ finish page 83 ~ Develop Your Details

Period 6 will be reading in class this week and working on their writing as well.

Tuesday, September 13

Chapter 6 review

Writing Packet ~ Finish pg. 84 ~ Headings

Wednesday, September 14

Chapter 6 Test

Writing Packet ~ finish page 85 ~ Draft Your Essay on page 86.

Thursday, September 15

Writing Packet ~ pages 87-89 ~ Evaluating, Editing, and Revising Your Response: Due Monday.

Friday, September 16

Vocabulary lesson 3 is due today. This was assigned September 2.
New lesson 4 pages are 29-30; 33-34; 131-132; 161
Vocabulary story handed out ~ Due Friday, September 23.

This lesson is due Wednesday, September 28 due to the short week.

Monday, September 19

All Classes:

Informational Essay Final Draft is due today.
Literature books will be passed out to the same students who signed out Language textbooks.

Tuesday, September 20

All Classes: Due Thursday, September 22

In class, we will begin reading Broken Chain page 16 in Literature textbook. Students will have some of class today and tomorrow, as well as two evenings to complete this short story.

Finish reading Broken Chain.
Answer questions 2, 3, & 4 on page 26 in short answer format, complete sentences. You will have the answers for these questions in your notes, or other homework answers.
In paragraph form, respond to the quickwrite on page 16 and continue to write in paragraph form each re-telling question throughout the story. There are six re-telling questions.  
Finish 3 handouts:
1. Conflict Ladder
2. Somebody, Wanted, But, So ~ Complete at the end of your reading.
3. Vocabulary and Comprehension

Wednesday, September 21

All classes:

Greek and Latin Word Roots
Lesson 3 is due today ~ Quiz

New lesson 4 is handed out ~ Due Wednesday October 5.

Thursday, September 22

All classes:

Broken Chain handouts and short answers for page 26 are due

Friday, September 23

Vocabulary story is due.

Broken Chain Quiz

Analyzing Proposition and Support

Begin Persuasive Writing ~ Notes

Monday, September 26
Begin Chapter 7 Language
Homework: Page 186-187, Exercise 1, #1-10
Write out all sentences, underlining subjects once and verbs twice.

Broken Chain quiz that was scheduled for Friday will be taken Tuesday. Students will have an opportunity to refresh their memory as to the story.

Vocabulary Lesson 4 will be due Wednesday, September 28 due to Fall Break.

Tuesday, September 27

Vocabulary Lesson 4 is due tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 28

Students are not to work on any homework over the weekend. We will work on Vocabulary and Greek/Latin Roots Monday in class. Enjoy the break.

Vocabulary Lesson 5 is due Friday, October 14. Pages 35-42; 133-134; 162

Monday, Oct. 3

Vocabulary Lesson 5 pages, 37-39; 41-42; 133-134; 162 is due Friday, October 14. Finish pages 37-39, 41-42, & notecards for homework if not finished in class.

Greek/Latin Roots Unit 4 Exercise 1 & 3 is due tomorrow. Finish what you did not finish in class.

Silly Story is due Friday, October 7.

Language Exercise 2 Page 189 #1-10 is due tomorrw.

Most of this, or all, will be completed in class on Monday, October 3.

Tuesday, Oct. 4

Language ~ Complex Sentences Exercise 4 Page 192 #1-10 ~ Due Thursday

Greek/Latin Roots Unit 4 is due tomorrow. Quiz!

Wednesday, Oct. 5

Language Exercise 4 is due tomorrow.

New Greek & Latin Roots Unit 5 ~ Due Wednesday, Oct. 19

Thursday, Oct. 6

No new homework.

Follow your Vocabulary ~ Greek/Latin Roots Schedule

Friday, Oct. 7

Language ~ Page 48-49 #1-20 Evens only. Write out the sentences and follow the book directions. You need to identify sentence parts in a manner that is easily graded. No highlighting with a "key".

Follow your vocabulary schedule.

Monday, Oct. 10

Our story, "Flowers for Algernon" cannot be accessed online so all reading will take place in class. Students will complete assignments at home.

Language ~ Handouts and pg. 55 Ex. 4 #1-10

Tuesday, Oct. 11

Language ~ Pg. 57 Exercises 5 & 6 Due Thursday

"Flowers for Algernon" Study Guides passed out.

Re-tell each journal entry as we read in class.

Study guide and re-tell notes are due at the end of the story.

Wednesday, Oct. 12

"Flowers for Algernon" edit journal entries handout. Due Monday

Thursday, Oct. 13

"Flowers for Algernon" Using Context Clues handout ~ Due Monday

Language ~ Compound - Complex Sentences Pg. 194 Exercise 5 #1-10 - Due Monday

Vocabulary Lesson 5 is due tomorrow. Page numbers are listed on Oct. 1

Friday, Oct. 14

Language ~ Due Wednesday, Oct. 19 ~
Review A, B, C Pg. 58-59 evens
Review A Pg. 195 #1-10

New Vocabulary Lesson 6 ~ Due Oct. 28
Pgs. 43-50; 135-136; 163
Continue to follow your schedule so you don't fall behind and have a lot to do at the last minute.