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E-Learning Days

E-Learning Link

Use the link to Google Classroom to access work for the day. You can watch CNN 10 on any device-cell phone, computer, Chromebook, etc. Record your notes for the day on a piece of paper if you do not have your notes with you. 

Mrs. Miller's Google Web Site

International Student Exchange

Learn more about the non-profit program that my high school exchange students come from. I work with with them here in Seymour and the surrounding communities!

Students this year are from:
Thailand, China, Vietnam, Belgium, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela!

Classroom Supply List

For Social Studies you will need the following:

(1) 3-Ring binder (One-inch)

(1) Package of tab dividers

(1) Pair of Scissors

(1) Basic Pack of Markers

(1) Basic Pack of Colored Pencils


(2) Highlighters (any color)