Nathan Owen
Class Rules

We can have the BEST year so far if we meet these expectations:

*Complete all work correctly, on time, every

*Have all materials each day(book, agenda book, pencil, paper, etc).

*Turn completed work in the correct area.

*Get permission to talk or get out of seat.

*Treat  property, yourself, fellow students, teachers, and your school with respect!

*Be at school everyday!

*Be on time and start work as soon as you enter the room!

*If you are absent it is YOUR responsibility to get YOUR missing work!

*Finally, be honest, be nice, be respectful, be responsible, be resourceful.  If you can do these things, you will reach your potential and be a very successful student.

Classroom Procedures
Before you enter the classroom double check to make sure you have everything you need for class.  You will not be allowed to leave class due to not being prepared.

Sharpen pencils, have book open to appropriate page if we are using the book, all materials situated and ready to work.

Once materials are in order, YOU START THE CLASS by doing bell work.

Follow the classroom agenda.
(assignments, discussions, etc.)

Review/Ask questions/Turn in work when requested.

Leave the classroom when Mr. Owen dismisses you.

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