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7th Grade Science Guidelines - currently unavailable due to updates-
This document is one that gives a variety of information.  Please take time to go over this with your child.   It will address things like extra credit, late work and how make up work will be handled.  

You will find links to Google Classroom and Science 7 Page under the page Link section to the right.  

Google Classroom is where most of your student's work will be assigned.  You should make note of their username and password if you want to be able to check on your student's work. 

Science 7 Resources Page.  The 7th grade science teachers have a web page that is ever changing.  It is up and running but we will continue to add materials to it as additional subjects become our focus.  It is a work in progress and we change it frequently.  I hope that it can be useful for you and your students. 

Class Supplies

Click on the attachment below to find the list of supplies that are needed for Team FUSION.

(We have a new teacher joining Fusion Team this year.  This is the basic list but we may end up adding more or different materials for her class)

Extra Credit

I offer about 15 point of extra credit per 9 week session.  I print out progress reports about every 2 weeks and if the student brings it back with a parent/guardian signature (within a week) I will give 5 EC points.  This happens about 3 times during the 9 weeks.