Stu Hackman
Legacy Science

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Forces Homework
Tuesday, 1/6
- Discus Mousetrap project
- Join Google Classroom
- In and submit notes to Google classroom
- Homework... Complete fill in section on page 103 of textbook.

Wednesday, 1/7
- Discuss forces using PPT and video cllips.
- In Class Finish reading notes and submit notes over PPT and video cllips to Google classroom
- Homework:  Force Worksheet...Rev. and Reinforce.

Thursday, 1/8
-  Continue Forces PPT
-Introduce Newton's 1st and 2nd law
-Homework:  Force calculations worksheet 

Friday, 1/9
- Introduce 3rd law of motion
- No Homework

Monday, 1/12
-In class notes...Laws of motion
- Homework:  Forces packet due Thursday

Tuesday, 1/13
-  Newton Car Lab/Investigation

Wednesday, 1/14
-  Newton Car Lab Report on Google Classroom...
Thursday, 1/14
-  Force packet due from Monday!
-  Review first 2 laws of motion
-  Homework :  Foce calculation practice problems.

Friday, 1/15
-  Mastery Quiz over balanced and unbalanced forces.
- Finish up any missing work after quiz or start homework of reading pages 104 to 111 and completing bookwork.

Monday, 1/19 NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, 1/20
- Submit Vocabulary to Google Classroom
- Homework : READ pages 104-111 and complete bookwork

Wednesday, 1/21
-Friction and gravity PPT notes
-Homework:  None

Thursday, 1/22
- Gravity and Weight calculation notes.
- Homework:  Weight calculation problems

Friday, 1/23
- Finish submitting reading notes for pages 104-111 to Google Classroom
- In class practice quiz....Finish for homework if not completed in class.

Monday, 1/26
-  SAS online free fall lab

Tuesday, 1/27
-Free fall lab analysis and discussion
-Homework...Complete enrichment and Hewitt drewitt handout

Wednesday, 1/28
-Sneaker Lab
-Homework:  Fishish Sneaker lab analyisis and conclusions

Thursday, 1/29
-Sneaker Lab Report on Google Classroom

Homework:  Mineral review sheet / test study guide ( Due Friday 2/27)
- Crystal shapes activity in class
-Mousetrap car will now be due on March 6

No Homework
- In class virtual mineral  indentification lab
- Lab sheet is due at the end of class!!!

No Homework, but the mineral review sheet handed out Wednesday is due!

Rocks: Chapter 9
Wednesday, 3/11
-In class  PPT
-Homework:  Reading notes for sections 9.2 - 9.6 (due friday)

Thursday, 3/12
-in class rock cycle demo and activity and notes
- finish reading notes 9.2 - 9.6  ( due friday)

Friday, 3/13
- Grade reading notes in class.
- Begin rocy cycle cartoon...Due Monday.


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