Kathy Beavers
Infinity Science

E-Learning Days

On e-learning days you will use the following link to Google Classroom and our NTKs.

My classroom is one of hands-on and investigative science.  The Chromebooks are an integral part of my classroom.   You will need to be able to navigate from Google Classroom, the Science 7 Resource page, and the Infinity Science page.  These quick links are available on the right of this page.  

To receive text reminders or updates from the team teachers, you will need to register your phone following the steps outlined below for REMIND.  This is a one-way communication system which will send to your phone my homework or announcements by 3:30 every school day.  

Daily Text Reminders
Log in to get daily text reminders. 

Using  a cell phone for texting, simply text the number 81010, place the following message in the re: box, 
@2f97627, and click send. 

You will get a return message thanking your for signing up for SMS Infinity team reminders.  Each day about 3:30-4:00 a text will be sent to you with homework reminders.