Nathan Owen

Grade Scale
90% - 100% A
80% - 89%   B
70% - 79%   C
60% - 69%   D
0% -   59%   F

Homework MUST be turned in on time during class for possible full credit.  (leaving work in locker or at home is considered late work)

If a student has late work the student can turn the work in by Friday of that same week for 1/2 credit.  Any work turned in after that Friday will be given a maximum of 25%.  (An EXCUSED absence will allow a student a day to make up work for each day they are excused. IF YOU ARE NOT EXCUSED FROM SCHOOL YOUR WORK CANNOT BE ACCEPTED FOR MORE THAN 50%)

Homework could be graded on completion or by correct percentage.  ALL homework will be graded on effort.  Homework that is completed with nonsense answers will not be tolerated.  It is better to be late than to cheat or just fill in answers.   Cheating will not only result in a failing grade, but also a loss of positive behavior rewards.  Allowing someone to look off of your work is also cheating.