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Last Saturday in Noblesville, Seymour Middle School bowlers competed in their regional competition.

The team consists of 10 bowlers; eighth graders Madelynn Burns, Tyrell Duncan, and Trevor Lawson;

seventh graders; Micah Maschino, Lilly Kelly, Kenny Kelly, Luke Lanam, JC Handloser, and Brayton Brackemyre;

and fifth grader; Ragan Mathis. The team is coached by John Ahlbrand, Toby Lawson, and Shannon Kelly.


In singles competition;

In the fifth grade girls division, Ragan Mathis finished in 2nd place.

In the seventh grade girls division, Micah Maschino finished in 3rd place.

In the eighth grade girls division, Madelynn Burns finished in 3rd place.

In the eighth grade boys division, Trevor Lawson finished in 3rd place.


Teams are formed by combining the top four series scores from each school.

Seymour continued it's streak, now 4 years in a row, by winning the team championship

using the combined scores of Mathis, Lawson, Lanam, and Handloser.


This team of 4 will now compete Saturday at Championship Lanes in Anderson at noon.

for 2016-2017 School Calendar.

Meetings at 7/8 Building on Wednesday Mornings 7:30am! There is a bus that will bring 6th Graders to school after the meeting.

 Click HERE  for Severe Weather and school closing information.

Jackson County Public Library's website is a GREAT resource to all!!

Click logo to visit.

Student Government and the Student Council of Seymour Middle School are pleased to announce that we wil be collecting Box Tops for Education.

Here's what we are asking from you: Please clip and save your boxtops, send them to school with your student. Visit
www.boxtops4education.com (Reading Room, Coupons, Bonus Box Tops, Deals and Discounts, and other really cool perks). 


Girls Inc. of Jackson County, Click LOGO to go to their website.  If you need any additional information please call Girls Inc @ 812-522-2798.

 Boys & Girls Clubs of America

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