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Ready to Take On D.C.!
Changing the World!
National Cathedral
Hey, World
Happy Travelers!
Eager Travelers
Role Models
What a Crew!
Looking Out Across the Mall
Iwo Jima
New White House Guards
What a Crew!
Taking a Break at the Tidal Basin
National Cathedral
Wreath Layers
Preparing to Lay the Wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Getting Ready to Roll
Photo Bombed By the Queen!
Watch Out D.C.!
Leaders of Tomorrow
What Can We Say?  SMS Is Well Represented!
Sometimes Life Is a Picnic In the Park
Ready to Cruise!
Receiving Sage Advice
An Early Morning Breakfast
A View from the Washington Monument
Changing of the Guard
But We
At the Pentagon Memorial
Watching the SMS Wreath Laying
Arlington National Cemetery
Air Force Memorial
Mount Vernon and George Washington
Hamming It Up in DC
What a Group of Leaders!
I Really Hope She Goes Away Soon!
Looking Forward To a Frosty Morning!
Thanking Our WWII Veterans
Double Trouble!
Remembering One of the Best-- Lincoln
The National Cathedral Survives an Earthquake!
Mr. and Little Miss Cool
Honoring the Unknown Soldier
The Life Stories Behind the Pentagon Memorial
The Crew
Are You Serious?!
Bright Light, Bright Light!
Halloween Previews
Do You Have to Take My Picture?!
iCAN Smile!
The Guys
Arriving In DC
At the Lincoln Memorial
The World War II Memorial
The National Cathedral Is Awesome!
The Whole Crew at Mount Vernon
Hanging Out at the MLK Monument
Our Wreath Layers at Arlington
Riding the Metro
Outside the Capitol Building
His Moment of Fame
All Are Created Equal
Holocaust Research Projects
The Underground Railroad~ Walking In Their Footsteps Research Project
A Winter Wonderland of Writing
Collaborative Short Stories and Poetry Books
Persuasive Research Brochures
Researching the Facts
Citing those Sources
Scientists at Research Weighing those Persuasive Facts~ Beware the Propaganda!
Causes, Statistics and Categories of Homelessness
GT Research Projects
Food for Thought on Homelessness
Homelessness In the United States
Per. 1 Off in Reading Adventures
Per. 2 Capitalization Novices
Per. 5 Bookworms
Per. 6 Relaxing with IRT
Arriving in D.C.
The Legacy of Roosevelt
Bus 1 Chaperones Rock!
Heading Out for Another Great Day
Checking Out the National Zoo
Mount Vernon, the Home of George Washington
At the Pentagon Memorial
A Welcome Sight at the End of Each Day
One of Our Drivers
Waiting On the Metro
Little Einsteins
Big Einsteins
Pentagon City Mall
Tired But Happy Travelers Headed Home

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