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Mr. McClure's Weekly Blog

Week of:  September 1-5

Week 5

“The Principal’s Post”

Welcome back!  It is our hope that everyone enjoyed, and found some respite, this past Labor Day weekend.  As Americans, there remains much for which we have to be thankful . . . our opportunity and ability to work being one of those.


It’s time!  Laughing  Over the past 3½ weeks, the 6GC students have been being introduced to their Chromebooks as an instructional tool to facilitate learning.  They have been shown the proper way to carry, store, charge and care for their devices.  They have been receiving instruction in responsible use of the device and what it means to be a good digital citizen in today’s technological world.

For sure, these lessons and procedures will continue to be reinforced throughout the course of the year as the students continue through the learning and maturation process.  For now, however, given their demonstrated level of receptiveness and readiness,  we believe they are ready to advance into the next phase of our 1:1 pilot initiative this year . . . bringing the devices to and from school each day.

We wanted you to be aware that beginning on Tuesday, September 2, 2014, 6GC students will begin bringing their device home on a daily basis.  To help make this successful for everyone, we are asking for your cooperation in helping us reinforce with your student just a few procedures regarding the care and transport of the device:

Power/Charger cords for the device are to remain at home.  They are not to be transported back-and-forth to school.  Students will not need to charge the device while at school if they remember to charge it each night at home.

Do not try to use other power/charger cords with your student’s device.  This could easily damage the device.

The Chromebook carrying/protective cases are not bookbags.  The few devices that have been broken have resulted from students trying to carry other items (pencils, calculators, books, notebooks, etc.) in the Chromebook case.  The only thing that should be in the case is the device.

Discourage your student from setting other items on top of their Chromebooks.  If the Chromebook remains “on top” of the other items your student is carrying, this will reduce the chance of a cracked Chromebook screen or other damage to the device.

We are encouraging students to carry the Chromebook cases as a second bag, by itself.  Placing Chromebook cases inside of book bags with other books and items increases the chances of damage to the device.

Thank you for helping us reinforce these procedures with our students.  And, as always, thank you for partnering with us in the education of your child.  We are off to a fantastic start!


This week, the SMS 7/8 school incentive and reward store . . . The “OWL”ey Galley . . . re-opens its doors!  After opening for the very first time to SMS 7/8 students in December of 2011, Wednesday marks the opening day for 2014-2015. 

Students have had the opportunity to begin earning their OWL Bucks since the first student day, August 7th.  On Wednesday, they are able to begin redeeming, or “spending,” those earned tokens on items of their choosing from the reward store.  (For a more complete description of the OWL Bucks program, please refer to page 9 in the student handbook.  For a more complete description of our SMS IMPACT positive behavior systems initiative, please click on the “OWL”ey Galley icon located on the right hand margin of this web page.)

The OWL Bucks program enables teachers to provide short-term rewards for positive academic and pro-social behavior.  The initiative is meant to increase the number and the frequency of students that are affirmatively acknowledged and recognized for their appropriate and constructive school behaviors and performance.

Simply, we want to “catch” students doing the “right thing” by tangibly rewarding and thanking them for their efforts.  We want them to know that we appreciate the positive things that they do to make their school a better place.  And, we want to continually encourage them to do what they can to further add to the positive environment of SMS.

We say things all the time to help them become “better” (better thinkers, better learners, better in social situations, etc.), but we also want to reinforce those things they are doing well.  We think that the OWL Bucks program could be a “have fun” way to recognize the “Three R” things that we promote every day. 

SMS would like to thank our parent and community volunteers who “work” Smile in our school store as “manager cashiers.”  Only by their volunteer efforts are we able to keep the store operating week in-and-out.  THANK YOU!

Also, Parents/Patrons interested in being partners of the IMPACT OWL Bucks initiative by donating to the students’ school store can do so by contacting the school at 522-5453. 


This week SMS is kicking off its first iCARE activity of the year . . . our iCARE Student Volunteer Program.  Starting this week, and continuing each month throughout the year, SMS students will have the opportunity to log and share with us the “CARE” they show throughout our community through their volunteer efforts. 

Our “iCARE” motto this year is from Margaret Mead:  “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world.  For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”  The iCARE Student Volunteer Program is a way to encourage our students to get involved in various philanthropic activities throughout the course of this year.  And, SMS wants to recognize those student “giving back” efforts.

SMS students choosing to participate throughout the 2014-2015 school year may do so as follows:

Students submit their volunteer service hours each month to the main office using the approved “Student Volunteer Program” service form

Parents sign the “Student Volunteer Program” service form to verify student service for that given month.

Students acquire a new “Student Volunteer Program” service form for the next month.

At year’s end, SMS Students will be recognized for total volunteer service hours given according to the following guidelines:

10-29 hours – Honorable Mention (name announced)

30 hours – iCARE Certificate

50 hours – iCARE Medal

75 hours – iCARE Plaque

Top SMS volunteer – iCARE trophy & gift certificate

If your student is interested in participating in this year’s Student Volunteer Program, he/she may pick up September’s “Student Volunteer Program” service sheet in the main office or by clicking here.  September’s service log is due on Wednesday, October 1st.

6GC Book Fair
Submitted by:  Mrs. Boger

The excitement  is building at the 6th Grade Center for our upcoming Book Fair. The Scholastic Book Fair will be held at the 6th Grade Center Library Sept 8-12 during school hours.  An amazing selection of books is headed our way! At the Book Fair you will find the latest and finest titles for kids, as well as books of interest to parents. 
Mark your calendar for our Family Event Thursday September 11 from 5-7pm where the whole family can join in the fun. All of our profit allows me to buy new books for our school's library!! 
The Book Fair is a great way to get everyone excited about reading. 


Mrs Boger 6th Grade Center Library

6GC Student Government

Submitted by:  Mrs. Nicholson

We held speeches and elections for Student Government.  18 students came to the Cafeteria early to get ready for their speeches.  While we were waiting for the rest of the students to arrive, one candidate said "What will you do if there is a tie?"  I explained we had never had a tie before, so I wasn't worried about it.  Well....wouldn't you know.  For President we had two candidates get the exact number of votes.  After asking teachers and staff at the 6GC, it was decided to have "Co-Presidents" this year.

And the winners are.......

Co-Presidents:  Alyssa Perry and Chloe Hudson

Vice President:  Cameron Cox

Secretary:  Mallory Moore

Treasurer:  Sydney Musgrave

We will start nominations for Student Council next week. 


Until next week...
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