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Mr. McClure's Weekly Blog - Week 29 Print E-mail
Mr. McClure's Weekly Blog
Week of:  March 2 - 6
Week 29
“The Principal’s Post”


One of our beliefs as a school is, “everyone shares a responsibility for success.”  Our iCARE theme (Reference:  “The Principal’s Post” – Week 3) is the core of what committing, aspiring, relating and engaging means for our students and staff.

As a component of our iCARE initiative this year, each academic team is recognizing one student as that team’s iCARE Student of the Month.  Continuing each month through the end of April, a deserving student from each academic team is being recognized for his/her iCARE example.

It is our privilege to announce our SMS iCARE Students of the Month for the month of FEBRUARY.

Dream Team: Pablo Trejo

Explorers Team: Connor Harriss

Super Stars Team: Shea Berkhouse

Challengers Team: Blake Schneider

Discovery Team: Jacob Rotert

Titans Team: Luke Hauersperger

ConQUESTadors Team: Lilly Thomas

SMS Knights Team:  Auston Everman

Odyssey Team: Karlee Harper

On behalf of Seymour Middle School we thank these students for their iCARE example, and we congratulate them on this recognition.

It is our hope that every SMS student will make it a personal goal to be recognized as an iCARE Student of the Month. 

In CAR(E)ING, in giving a best effort, each student will have made a significant contribution to their team and to their school.  In CAR(E)ING, they will have earned the respect of their classmates, their teachers, and most importantly, themselves.  They will have demonstrated their care.  And, that is what our entire campaign is about this year.


This week, the students of SMS will take the Applied Skills portion of the state standards exam, ISTEP+.  Although the testing requires that we adjust our typical day schedule, it is our intent to keep our daily procedures as “normal” as possible.  Instruction is continuing through regular classes, and homework is continuing to be assigned.  These efforts are in no way meant to diminish the importance of the ISTEP test, but rather provide consistency and to promote a purposeful school posture throughout the week. 

Permit me to make this “plug” for your child’s attendance to school throughout this very important week.  As every student is required by the state to test, your child’s attendance for testing this week is imperative.  Please accept our thanks in scheduling appointments and other commitments around our testing schedule this week.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

We are sometimes asked what to do to help students prepare.  Please understand that our “preparation” has been happening all year.  The steps your child has taken to assume responsibility for his/her learning has helped determine their level of readiness for this week’s tests.  “Cramming” won’t be of much assistance at this point and could actually prove counter-productive if it causes a student to lose out on his/her normal rest and sleep patterns.  To help prepare, I would humbly offer that your family stay in your usual routines this week and assist your child to stay in his/hers.  Adequate rest and nutrition are always helpful in enabling thoughtful focus and a positive attitude.

Speaking of nutrition:  As we did last year, SMS 7/8 is offering a free continental breakfast to 7th and 8th grade students during our test days this week.  If your child normally eats in the cafeteria, he/she should report there for their free breakfast.  If your child normally waits in the main gymnasium upon arrival, he/she should report there.  We’ll have continental breakfast tables set up in both locations and students are encouraged to “Fill Up For Testing.” 

The 6th Grade Center is taking a slightly different approach the . . .  “refueling” approach. J  The 6th grade students will be receiving “pick-me-ups” snacks during test breaks.

Please accept our thanks for all you have done, and are doing, as parents to encourage your children to be their best.  Although they may not say it, and although they may not “like” being pushed (I’ve got an 8th grader at home . . . I feel your “pain” J), they appreciate your support, your interest, your attention and, most importantly, your love.


Submitted by Mrs. Boger

clockTime to order 2014/15 Seymour Middle School yearbooks!  Order by March 13 and receive a $2.00 discount on any yearbook or yearbook package.

Order online at ybpay.lifetouch.com school code: 8829515


Place order forms in box in front office.

Say Cheese! J


As we look forward to next week, you may be aware that Eastern Daylight Savings time begins on Sunday, March 8th.  Clocks will be set ahead exactly one hour.


One of our school’s planned iCARE activities for this year is our monthly greeting cards.  Each of our academic teams has volunteered to assume the responsibility of authoring and decorating a monthly greeting to be sent to selected community organizations.

This week we would like to thank the 6th grade Super Stars Team for demonstrating their iCARE effort in getting our Spring greetings written and ready to send.  Our March iCARE greetings are being sent to The Arc and Turning Point.


This week:  HERE WE GO!

Until next week...

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