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Mr. McClure's Weekly Blog Pre-Week 2014 Print E-mail
Mr. McClure's Weekly Blog
Week of:  July 28 – August 1
“The Principal’s Post”

Whenever Fair Week concludes, the end to the lazy days of summer is soon to follow, and the anticipation in beginning a new school year builds.  And as we gear up for the 2014-2015 academic year, we are glad that YOU are going to be part of our team!  Welcome to SMS, and thank you for visiting our website!


SMS students will be receiving their first academic quarter class schedules in the mail later this week.  For information regarding back-to-school class supply list needs, please refer to your child’s teachers’ web pages.  (Those pages can be accessed by selecting “Classrooms” and then selecting “Class Web Pages” on the tab above.)

Contained within the summer mailing will also be two additional inserts with special back-to-school information along with a two-sided reminder of SMS’s cell phone policy and our student dress code guidelines for this year.

To avoid confusion regarding both of these expectations, we would ask that you please take a moment to review them with your child before the start of school.  A copy of the back-to-school information letter can be seen by clicking here.  A copy of the back-to-school information letter in Spanish can be seen by clicking here.  Please click here for the cell phone policy insert.  Click here to review a copy of SMS’s dress code policy.  (Additional information regarding the dress code can be found by clicking on the “Dress Code Information” link to the right.)


Whether we want to admit it or not, numbers are a common place in our lives.  Whether the street number where we live, the cell number by which we can be reached, our employee number (by which, as adults, we are paid), our debit and/or credit card numbers, our bank account numbers or even our social security number, we are each identified and tracked by . . . digits.  This is also true at SMS where student numbers play a critical role in our lunch lines, our library book rentals, and even our computer station logins.

This past summer, the Seymour Community School Corporation upgraded its student management software system.  As part of this upgrade, students are being issued new student identification numbers for the coming year.

You, or your student, may have noticed a five digit number beginning with the letter “S” on his/her class schedule.  We are encouraging our students to begin memorizing this new number now.  Doing so will greatly assist us, and them, in starting the year.  Their old student numbers are no longer “good” for school use.


Beginning this week, students and parents are welcome to visit either of the middle school buildings from the hours of 8AM-12PM and/or 1PM-4PM to find student classrooms and practice locker combinations.  (Note:  6th grade students will receive their locker number and combination on the first day of school.)  Please be aware that both buildings will be closed during the day on the first teacher days of Tuesday, August 5th and Wednesday, August 6th. 


Please mark your calendar to attend SMS’ Back-To-School Night scheduled for the evening of Tuesday, August 5th.  Details can be found by clicking here.


Submitted by:  Mr. Henkle, SMS Athletic Director

It's that time again!  I know some have questions about SMS’ 7-8 Fall athletics.  Please click here for the start dates and times for all of our Fall athletic teams.  (Reminder, 6th grade students may run cross-country at SMS if they so choose.  They will then be eligible to run track in the Spring.  NOTE:  If they do NOT run cross-country they cannot run track as a 6th grader. All other 6th grade Fall athletics will be announced after school begins.)

For those of you interested in following all of the middle school athletics action this year, we would invite you to visit our Athletics tab on this website as well as follow our twitter feed @SMSOwls1.  These are two great resources for receiving any and all SMS athletics information. 

SPECIAL NOTE**:  All athletes will need a completed physical turned in to coach/AD before participation on any SMS athletic team.



To view important dates as they pertain to the 2014-2015 Seymour Community Schools school calendar, please click here.


During the 2011-2012 school year, SMS joined many schools across the state and nation that have implemented a prescribed dress code for students as a component of our ongoing school improvement efforts.  Some of the benefits of having a required dress code, many of which we have experienced in our first three years of implementing dress code guidelines, include:

  • Promotion of school pride and unity

  • Encourage overall student discipline

  • Reduce bullying that stems from reasons of appearance (a top reason cited by SMS students in our May 2010 bullying survey)

  • Encourage mutual respect

  • Increase a sense of belonging

  • Diminish perceived barriers between students

  • Reduce teacher/student biases

  • Assist students resisting peer pressure/expectations to buy/wear trendy clothes

  • Improve the status of SMS within the community

The dress code is only one of several school improvement strategies that we have implemented in our efforts to make your child’s school, our community’s public middle school, the very best it can be for all of our students’ benefit and growth.  We are very excited about the positive impact that the dress code has had on the overall culture and climate of our building, and your cooperation and support as a parent partner in our efforts is noted and remains immensely appreciated. 

Please understand that these dress code guidelines are not optional.  Students attending Seymour Middle School are expected to wear attire that adheres to these appearance rules.  To be consistent in reinforcing these expectations, only students in compliance with the SMS dress code guidelines are permitted to attend class.  Thank you.


We do not want parents and students to be “surprised” or ill informed by what the dress code specifies regarding student appearance.  And, we want to avoid to the greatest degree possible any miscommunication and/or hard feelings that might otherwise result because of misinformation.  The dress code has been a very positive addition for the benefit of the culture of our middle school, and we want it to remain that way for everyone. 

Over the past year we have received some excellent questions from students and parents wanting to get clarification as to some of the specifics regarding the dress code guidelines.  For example:  The question was asked, “by ‘khaki,’ do you mean colors other than tan?”  Answer:  Our intent is for SMS students to wear a shade of tan, beige or brown.  Shades of green, gray, etc. would not be considered in compliance with the dress code expectations.

To help answer this question, and others like it, we have created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.  Please click here to see those questions, or by clicking on the “Dress Code Information” icon to the right.


Please allow me to invite you to visit us regularly online throughout the course of the year as our school web site is updated weekly . . . and sometimes daily . . . with relevant school/teacher/parent/student information. 

Many parents have found this site to be useful in accessing our Information Now Home link.  Information Now Home allows you, the parent, to access and monitor your child’s attendance, discipline, class schedule and grade information from home. Please note:  Due to our new student management software upgrades, Information Now Home is not currently available.  Parents will be given information as to access rights when the Information Now Home portal becomes available.  We wanted you to know that it is coming!  J

It is our hope that you would make us one of your favorite internet stops, and that you find our web page to be an effective vehicle of communication between school and home.

Until next week...

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