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Mr. McClure's Weekly blog - Week 36 Print E-mail
Mr. McClure's Weekly Blog
Week of:  April 20 - 24
Week 36
“The Principal’s Post”


One of our beliefs as a school is, “everyone shares a responsibility for success.”  Our iCARE theme (Reference:  “The Principal’s Post” – Week 3) is the core of what committing, aspiring, relating and engaging means for our students and staff.

As a component of our iCARE initiative this year, each academic team is recognizing one student as that team’s iCARE Student of the Month.  Concluding this month, a deserving student from each academic team was being recognized for his/her iCARE example.

It is our privilege to announce our SMS iCARE Students of the Month for the month of APRIL.

Dream Team:  Kendra McHenry

Explorers Team:  Ethan McKinney

Super Stars Team:  Jesus Lagunes

Challengers Team:  Jacob Roberts

Discovery Team:  Trever Stuckwisch

Titans Team:  Victoria Prieto

ConQUESTadors Team:  Marcus Cornett

SMS Knights Team:  Haruka Taguchi

Odyssey Team:  Brandon Penegar

On behalf of Seymour Middle School we thank these students for their iCARE example, and we congratulate them on this recognition.

In CAR(E)ING, in giving a best effort, each student will have made a significant contribution to their team and to their school.  In CAR(E)ING, they will have earned the respect of their classmates, their teachers, and most importantly, themselves.  They will have demonstrated their care.  And, that is what our entire campaign is about this year.

ISTEP+ 2015 . . . PART 2 . . . MULTIPLE CHOICE . . . NEXT WEEK

Beginning this week, SMS students will be start the final series of ISTEP+ tests for this spring.  Because the multiple portion of the ISTEP test is done online, the testing window . . . to allow for the students to rotate through our computer labs at the 7/8 building . . . will run through Friday, May 8th.  Your child’s team will be testing according to the following schedule:

Dream Team, Explorers & Super Stars

Thursday, April 23rd  - Test:  Mathematics (Sessions 1 & 2)

Friday, April 24th – Test:  Mathematics (Session 3)

Tuesday, April 28th – Test:  E/LA (Session 4)

Wednesday, April 29th – Test:  E/LA (Session 5)

Thursday, April 30th – Test:  Science (Sessions 6 & 7)

SMS 7/8

Grade 7:  Challengers, Discovery & Titans

Monday, April 27th – Test: Mathematics (Sessions 1 & 2)

Tuesday, April 28th – Test:  Mathematics (Session 3)

Wednesday, April 29th – Test:  E/LA (Session 4)

Thursday, April 30th – Test:  Test:  E/LA (Session 5)

SMS 7/8

Grade 8:  ConQUESTadors, Knights & Odyssey

Monday, May 4th – Test: Mathematics (Sessions 1 & 2)

Tuesday, May 5th – Test:  Mathematics (Session 3)

Wednesday, May 6th – Test:  E/LA (Session 4)

Thursday, May 7th  – Knights & Odyssey Test:  E/LA (Session 5)

Friday, May 8th – ConQUESTadors Test:  E/LA (Session 5)

For the Multiple Choice tests it will be very important that:  1) students read directions carefully, 2) be careful to answer what the questions are specifically asking, 3) if they do not know the answer to a specific test question, that they try to narrow their multiple choice options down to a likely correct answer before making a best “guess” (a test taking strategy J).  Unlike the Applied Skills portion of the test taken in March, no partial credit is given in the Multiple Choice portion of the ISTEP.

As we did in March, I would like to stress the importance of student attendance during the days of their team’s ISTEP+ testing.  Having your child present is critical.  If possible it is most helpful if doctor’s appointments, or other commitments that would require your child to miss school on a testing day, be rescheduled for another time.  Indiana has very strict guidelines regarding student attendance, test taking and scoring.  An absence from any one test would result in a “Not Pass” designation for that student. 

Please assist us by again taking the opportunity to speak with your child this week about his/her upcoming ISTEP exam.  By mentioning the test, you are reinforcing its importance.  THANK YOU!


Submitted by:  Mr. Hubbard

The 21st Century Scholars program is an income-eligible program started in 1990 under the leadership of Governor Evan Bayh.  All 7th and 8th graders who enroll in the program and fulfill a pledge of good citizenship are guaranteed to receive up to four years of undergraduate tuition at any participating public college/university in Indiana.

To enroll your child in the program you must submit an application online or have Mrs. Hillenburg or Mr. Hubbard submit it for you.  (You must fill out an application worksheet and turn it into Mrs. Hillenburg/Mr. Hubbard in order for them to submit the information.  These may be picked up in Student Services.)

The current 8th grade class has until June 30th, 2015, to submit an application.  After June 30th, 8th grade students forfeit the opportunity to apply . . . possibly forfeiting their opportunity to receive up to four years of undergraduate collegiate tuition.  We encourage all 8th grade students and their parents to submit an application.  We are here to help you do so!





This week:  T-minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Until next week..
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