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Mr. McClure's Summer Blog
Summer Weeks of: May 26 – July 25
"The Principal's Post"
The end of school is always an exciting and "rewarding" time as we pause to recognize students for their attendance and academic achievements throughout the year. Both at the 6th Grade Center and at the 7/8 facility, we gathered to celebrate our achievements during our grade level award convocations. As part of our established yearly Honor Day award traditions, we award our "SMS Three 'R' Awards."
Seymour Middle School promotes the daily practice of our three core principles: Respect, Responsibility and Resourcefulness. As these are the founding principles upon which student achievement and life success is built, we recognized three students each year from each of our academic teams that have best demonstrated these qualities this school year.
As the Three "R" Awards are the top middle school awards given, I would like to recognize and thank these students for their efforts, example and leadership this year.

SMS 6th Grade Center                                                                          SMS 7th Grade Teams
Explorers                                                                                                Titans
Respect: Bailee Wolfe                                                                             Respect: Calvin Johnson
Responsibility: Makenna Sunbury                                                             Responsibility: Avery DeHart
Resourcefulness: Allison O'Brien                                                              Resourcefulness: Brett Kleber

Dream Team                                                                                           Discovery
Respect: Owen Chandler                                                                          Respect: Angelo Eguizabal
Responsibility: Kennedy Cockerham                                                          Responsibility: Natalia Garcia
Resourcefulness: Sydney Wiesehan                                                          Resourcefulness: Breanna Hammond

Superstars                                                                                              Challengers
Respect: Noni McGrew                                                                            Respect: Makenna Fee
Responsibility: Jozie Nicholson                                                                 Responsibility: Delaney Cummings
Resourcefulness: Rachel Dart                                                                   Resourcefulness: Barry Huff

SMS 8th Grade Teams
Respect: Nancy Rendon-Reyes
Responsibility: Ivy Jones
Resourcefulness: Grace Otte

Respect: Chloe Bryden
Responsibility: Maithy Nguyen
Resourcefulness: Connie Li

Respect: Courtney Elkins
Responsibility: Kaitlyn Winters
Resourcefulness: Taylor Heckman

2013-2014 . . . A SMS "iLEAD" YEAR
During the 2013-2014 academic year, Seymour Middle School promoted one of our school's fundamental beliefs, "effort increases achievement." Our school's theme for 2013-2014 was, "iLEAD."

L earn
E xcel
A chieve
D ream

"iLearn" attitudes make the most of our opportunities with the understanding that what is allowed to enter the mind will effect attitude, aptitude, and altitude.

"iExcel" attitudes embraces the work required to learn and grow in an effort to surpass, or outdo, former skill set and knowledge base limitations.

"iAchieve attitudes acknowledge individual, even school, accomplishments, but then use those accomplishments to aspire to greater heights of learning and success.

"iDream" attitudes are, "the beginning of courage, and courage is the beginning of hope."

The purpose of our iLEAD year was to remind us of these truths, and to encourage us, on a daily basis, to apply ourselves to improving and growing those unique capabilities that we each possess. Each of us is of value. Each of us matter. We were, and are, created for significance. Our iLEAD attitude is another step in unlocking our potential individually and collectively.

We invite you to click
"> to share with us in remembering the SMS students of 2013-2014 who "LEAD." Even as we pause to look back, we are purposely carrying our iLEAD attitudes forward. For 2014-2015, we will continue to build on our iCAN (2012-2013) and our iLEAD (2013-2014) attitude/theme with our initiative i____ Laughing

Year-end report cards will be mailed home to parents this Friday, May 31st.

As has become an SMS 7/8 tradition, on the Tuesday of the final week of school we "grilled out" during lunch in celebration of the conclusion of our ISTEP+ testing for this year. We spent months preparing for the ISTEP+ Exam, and with the help of the 96.3 Cool Bus (providing the dance music) and the grill (providing the "grub") we paused last week to "pat ourselves on the back" for those efforts. Here are just some of the images from our picnic. 131142199213218

SMS 8th Grade Choir
Submitted by: Mr. Stam
The Eighth Grade Choir recently went on tour performing their Spring Concert music at the Seymour area nursing/retirement homes. They sang for Seymour Crossing, The Lutheran Community Home, Covered Bridge and Seymour House. As ambassadors for Seymour Middle School the students brightened up the day of the residents and took away wonderful memories of time well spent. It was a great experience for both the residents and students.

Submitted by: Jackie Hill
An Amazing Summer Opportunity! - Robotics Engineering Summer Camp is a program offering young students an opportunity to work with engineers, have hands-on experiences, and critique programs and training equipment. This special program is designed for a select number of middle and high school students. Upon completion of the program, students will receive a Certificate of Achievement, which can be included in student portfolios for college admission or resumes for future employment.

Please click here to view an information brochure. Please click here to obtain an application to the camp.

As we look forward to the long days of summer, we wanted to leave you with some important August dates.
Tuesday, August 5th SMS 7/8 "Back-To-School Night" (6:00 – 7:30 pm)
SMS 6GC "Back-To-School Night" (TBA)
Thursday, August 7th – First Student Day!
Thursday, August 21st – SMS 7/8 Picture Day
Friday, August 22nd – SMS 6th Grade Center Picture Day
Mark your calendar. We'll be starting up again in a flash! Laughing (Sorry, bad pun)

Speaking of the students' August 7th return, we would be remiss if we did not remind everyone of our student dress code expectations for the start of the '14-'15 school year. We view the dress code as an opportunity for us, as a school community, to steadfastly reinforce and promote a culture of learning for our students.

We are very excited about the positive impact that this initiative has had on the climate of our middle school for the benefit of all the students who attend here, and we thank you, the parents and guardians, for your continued support.

To the right you will find a "Dress Code Information" web link that will assist in answering questions that you might have regarding the dress code.

The Indiana Department of Education utilizes the online Indiana Parent Network system to provide parents access to their child's ISTEP+ performance results. SMS has received each parent/guardian's unique Invitation Code Parent Letter from the Indiana Department of Education regarding the 2014 spring ISTEP+ test administration. Each parent's letter contains a unique code to enable your access to the Indiana Parent Network and your child's performance results.

Note: We will be mailing your specific Invitation Code Parent Letter home with student report cards Friday, May 30th.
In addition to providing secure access to your child's test results, the website also provides you access to personalized resources for your child and at-home learning activities.
If you have any questions regarding your child's results, please contact us at the school. 522-5453

ISTEP+ 2014
Although individual student scores have been released (see Indiana Parent Network above), school disaggregation summary information, frequency distributions, standards summaries, etc. are not due to be released until later in June. As we like to do, we will continue to talk about these results as a school when we return in August. We yet have things to do and places to go . . . together!

Submitted by: Mr. Sean Hildreth
Resource Development Director
Jackson County United Way
Please click here for information regarding how to register your SMS student for back-to-school school supplies in the fall.

Please click here to view the Spanish version of the informational flyer.

Until August...
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