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Mr. McClure's Weekly Blog - Week 13 Print E-mail
Mr. McClure's Weekly Blog
Week of:  October 27 - 31
Week 13
“The Principal’s Post”



“Everyone shares a responsibility for success” is one of SMS’ core beliefs that is being celebrated and recognized throughout the 2014-2015 academic year. By means of specially planned “iCARE” activities, we are being reminded of our school, and life, responsibilities to:

C ommit

A spire

R elate

E ngage

Last Friday (October 24th) we had a very unique, and special, school-wide event to showcase our iCARE campaign.  All SMS students and staff were encouraged to make it a point to wear their iCARE tee shirts to school in demonstration of our solidarity and commitment to our iCARE efforts. 

The students attended a special iCARE convocation.  Special guest speaker, Bob Mortimer, shared with the students how his own iCARE efforts has fueled his success notwithstanding his own physical challenges.

As Friday, October 24th was “iCARE Day” for the City of Seymour, Seymour City Mayor Craig Luedeman’s proclamation was read!  (Please click here to see a copy of the Mayor’s “iCARE Day” proclamation.)

Friday proved to be a very enjoyable, educational and memorable day for everyone!
iCAREday pic1iCAREday pic2iCAREday pic3iCAREday pic4


One of our beliefs as a school is, “everyone shares a responsibility for success.”  Our iCARE theme (Reference:  “The Principal’s Post” – Week 3) is the core of what committing, aspiring, relating and engaging means for our students and staff.

As a component of our iCARE initiative this year, each academic team is recognizing one student as that team’s iCARE Student of the Month.  Continuing each month through the end of April, a deserving student from each academic team is being recognized for his/her iCARE example.

It is our privilege to announce our SMS iCARE Students of the Month for the month of OCTOBER.

Dream Team: Ashton Hill

Explorers Team: Sydney Musgrave

Super Stars Team: Jacob Layton

Challengers Team: Laken Waskom

Discovery Team: Montana Suits

Titans Team: Charlie Lagunes

ConQUESTadors Team: Chanel Martinez

SMS Knights Team:  Luke Champ

Odyssey Team: Ammon Christensen

On behalf of Seymour Middle School we thank these students for their iCARE example, and we congratulate them on this recognition.

It is our hope that every SMS student will make it a personal goal to be recognized as an iCARE Student of the Month. 

In CAR(E)ING, in giving a best effort, each student will have made a significant contribution to their team and to their school.  In CAR(E)ING, they will have earned the respect of their classmates, their teachers, and most importantly, themselves.  They will have demonstrated their care.  And, that is what our entire campaign is about this year.


Last week I had the opportunity to meet with each student team to discuss our first quarter school “report card.”  In a series of thirty minute team convocations, we looked at our behavioral and academic performance for the first nine-weeks and how well we were living up to our “Three R’s” principle ideals.

We observed some very encouraging signs which we are celebrating.  We discussed the truth about our academic performance and the work that remains for us to accomplish together in order to move forward. 

To view the individual grade level presentations:  click here for the 6GC presentation, click here for the 7th grade presentation, click here for the 8th grade presentation.


One of the many positive aspects of having a dress code as a school is the opportunity to reward students and staff with a “dress down” day when behavioral and academic performance warrants such an occasion/celebration.

Starting this Friday, October 31st, including the three school day Fridays in November, students are not required to adhere to the standard dress code.  They may wear attire of their choosing, but it must be “Three R” appropriate.  For some basic “understandings” about what dress down attire is appropriate, please click here.

Students can mark their calendars for the following dress down reward dates:

Friday, October 31st

Friday, November 7th

Friday, November 14th

Friday, November 21st

Special Note for the October 31st (Halloween) Dress Down Day:  To avoid any confusion regarding what student dress is permitted at school on Friday the 31st, we want to clarify here that any Halloween make-up and/or costuming needs to be saved for after they arrive home from school.  Students may “dress down,” but they may not “dress up” . . . as in costuming.  No costuming and/or exotic make-up deemed inappropriate for school will be permitted.  Thank you!


In the unfortunate event that an emergency situation would arise at Seymour Middle School, our middle school buildings have established emergency procedures in which to respond.  The effectiveness of our existing procedures can only be determined, and response protocols be improved to be made even more effective, when practiced.

We wanted our students’ parents and guardians to be aware that this week we will be implementing one of our critical emergency procedures by “drilling” our 6GC students and staff in the proper actionable response.  The drill will likely provide some disruption to our daily routine.   As such, we wanted to make everyone aware, in advance, that we are practicing the exercise of our crisis response protocol.

Other SCSC school administrators and law enforcement officers will be present during the drill to observe, provide input, and learn (for their buildings) from the exercising of our procedures.  The schools of your public school corporation remain mindful of the safety and well being of all students and staff.  Thank you.


At the SMS 6th Grade Center we are concerned about the safety of all of our children.  Please be aware that when dropping off your child and/or picking your child up, please remain in the car line until it is your child’s turn to approach your vehicle.  Please be careful and use extra caution as children are getting in/out of cars.  They may not see you as well as you believe that they can.  Candidly, you may not be able to see all of the children as well as you think that you can. 

Staying in the line may require an extra bit of time and a little more patience, but every child’s safety is worth our inconvenience. 

If you do not wish to wait in line, we would ask that you please use the option of picking your child up at the back of the school on Lynn St.  There is rarely a line and little to no waiting on Lynn Street.  Please make sure your child know where you will be.

On behalf of the safety of all the students of the 6GC, THANK YOU very much for your cooperation.

Mrs. Davis & Mr. McClure


Submitted by:  Mr. Kleber

The SMS annual Coat and Clothing drive begins this week! 

We are making a slight change this school year. We will have a fall/winter drive (Monday, October 27th – Friday, November 7th) and a spring/summer drive (April 6th – April 17th).  The change is to help the Clothing Center accommodate the volume of items that SMS has been successful in donating.  J   

Friday’s iCARE convocation was the kick-off for this year’s drive.  Please click here to learn more information about the Coat and Clothing drive.  J


SMS is very excited to announce that starting next Monday, November 3rd, interested SMS 7/8 students will have the opportunity to receive homework help after school two afternoons each week.  Whether they need direct assistance from a teacher, a quiet place study, or computer/internet access to research and/or write a report, they will have just the place to go.

Location:  Room 502

Time:  3:30PM-5:00PM

Days:  Mondays and Thursdays each week

Students will be asked to sign-in when entering the Homework Help Session and sign-out when leaving. 

Although the help session is available until 5PM every Monday and Thursday, students are permitted to leave early as needed with parent permission.  (A written note or phone call to the Homework Help teacher is appreciated for students desiring to leave the help session early.)

Students need to have their own transportation and are expected to exit the building immediately upon leaving the Homework Help session.

Remember . . . every Monday and Thursday!


This week:  T-minus 76, 75, 74, 73, 72

Until next week...
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