Student Services

Student Services 


Student Service Personnel

8th Grade Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Stephanie Quillen   (812)522-2223

7th Grade Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Meigan Vest   (812)522-2225


Student Services Administrative Assistant/Attendance Clerk

Mrs. Megan Mullis,  (812)522-2227

Programs Offered

  • Owl Station: Food pantry for those in need
  • Partnership with Centerstone

Student Forms

Student Pre-Arranged Absence Form

Parent Pre-Arranged Absence Form

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School Bus Rules and Regulations

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Mission Statement

The mission of SMS counseling is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program that advances students’ knowledge and skills for academic, personal, social and career growth.                                                       

What is School Counseling?

The school counseling program is a collaboration benefitting students, teachers, parents, administrators, and the community.  We strive to be an integral part of students’ daily educational experience, and we work to partner in student achievement.  We believe that all students can achieve success at SMS.

Counseling Services

Individual Counseling
School counselors implement individual counseling interventions designed to help students establish personal goals and develop future plans.  School counselors also work to meet students’ immediate counseling needs, usually caused by life events or situations and conditions in students’ lives. 

Group Counseling. 
School counselors offer group counseling on topics ranging from anger management to academic success skills. 

Classroom Guidance
School counselors implement a variety of classroom guidance lessons throughout the school year.  Lessons focus on academic planning, career exploration, and personal-social development.    

Student Advocacy

School counselors advocate on behalf of all students.  School counselors are committed to making a difference between children, families, and the community.    


School counselors collaborate with teachers, administrators, parents, community members, and community agencies to provide the most assistance to students. 


The rules of confidentiality for counselors are very different from those of teachers.  Confidentiality is important to maintain a trusting relationship with students. 

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     Community Resources


Jackson County Mental Health Agencies


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